What is a Connection?

Connections is the term we use to describe the items you enter into the Connections CRM, whether that's a Person, a Company, a Task or even a Franchise.

By linking your Connections together you can map the relationships between all these different items and reflect how they are actually connected together in real life.

The main Connection Types are outlined below.


These are the people, businesses and places you know.

  • People  - the people you know
  • Companies  - Businesses and other official groups
  • Users -  People with accounts on the system

Other items

  • Tasks  - Your tasks and to do lists
  • Events  - Your business appointments and meetings
  • Groups  - Allows you to join people together in ad-hoc groups
  • Reports  - Create reports and link them to other items
  • Franchises  -  your Franchise Territories
  • Pipelines - Pipelines that have been applied to other Connections

View the rest of the help documents in this section to see how you can add a new Connection, link Connections together as well as adding addresses and other details to your Connections.

To get started, see How do I add a new Connection? 

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