How do I import Contacts?

It is possible to import Contacts from various other sources such as your email or Google accounts. 

To import a new Contact, do the following -

  1. Select Connetions
  2. Click on "Create" drop down menu and scroll down to the Import Wizard 
  3. You can now choose which source to import your Connection from.
  4. Follow the on screen instructions for your chosen import mechanism

You can import Connections using various mechanisms, including :

  • CSV - upload a CSV in the following format (column heading):
    • Salutation
    • First Name (firstName)
    • Last Name (lastName)
    • Gender (gender)
    • Date of Birth (dateOfBirth)
    • Address Line 1  (address1)
    • Address Line 2 (address2)
    • City (city)
    • Region/County (region)
    • Postcode (postcode)
    • Email (email)
    • Phone (phone1)
    • Phone (phone2)
    • Website (website)

      You can download a CSV template here.
  • vCard - import a vCard from your local filesystem
  • Email - import contacts from one of your email accounts
  • LinkedIn Google Xero - import contacts from various third party systems
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