How do I add a new Franchise Account?

To invite a user to sign up for a new Franchise, follow these steps -

  1. You will need a Franchise to assign the user to, so if required  add a new Franchise  - see How to I add a new Connection?
  2. Select your new Franchise
  3. In the Details panel for the Franchise, click on Invite Franchisee
  4. Complete the details in the Invitation to join popup, as follows.  
    • In the To field enter the new Franchise user's email address. 
    • Edit the Subject field - this is the subject of the email sent to the recipient
    • If required edit the message being sent but do not remove ‘Click here to get started’ as this is a link required for the user to complete the sign-up process
  5. Click Send
  6. The user will now receive an email inviting them to complete the registration process and take control of the selected Franchise in
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