How can I view my calendars and contacts remotely?

A very useful feature is the ability to sync your Manage Your Franchise calendars and contacts with your PCs and mobile devices. This allows you to access your tasks and appointments when you are out of the office or on the go.

To sync a device to your calendar -

  1. Select  External Applications  from the  Settings menu
  2. Select the correct calendar link for your client 
    The first link is for Apple devices, the other links are for non-Apple devices
  3. Copy the link to for client application

There are three methods of getting the link to your client application - 

  1. Click the icon to copy the link to your clipboard - you can then paste it where ever you want
  2. Click the icon to email the link - enter a suitable email address and the link will be sent in an email
  3. Manually copy the link from the page

Setting Up Your Device

  1. On your device you will need to enter at least the following (device settings will vary)
    1. The correct URL from above
    2. Your Franchise Manager login
    3. Your Franchise Manager password
  2. Save your settings and sync the accounts

Device Specific Instructions

Some devices require third party applications to work with calendar servers.


On Android you can install the CalDAV-Sync.

Microsoft Outlook

With Microsoft Outlook you can use iCal4OL -

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