How do I add a new Staff Member Account?

Staff Member accounts allow you to add members of staff to any Franchise or head office account. These are users that can perform tasks, but are not responsible for the Franchise.

Staff members can be added by the Franchise user. They will have access to the account under which they are added - e.g they will have access to the account of the Franchise user who adds the staff member.

As franchisor you can add staff members to your own account as well. 

To add a staff member to your account, follow these steps - 

  1. Select Users in Connections
  2. Click on the Create menu and scroll down to User.
  3. Select the Type of User you want add
  4. Complete the details in the  Invitation to join  popup, as follows.  
    • In the  To field  enter the new Staff Member's email address. This must be an valid, working email address.
    • Edit the  Subject field  - this is the subject of the email sent to the recipient
    • If required  edit the message  being sent but do not remove ‘Click here to get started’ as this is a link required for the user to complete the sign-up process
  5. Click  Send
  6. The user will now receive an email inviting them to complete the registration process. 
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