[NEW] Creating a new CRM or Team Category

In Settings > Category Manager

Select the parent category you want to add to

Click the `Create Subcategory` button

Enter a name for the category

Confirm / edit the Singular and Plural labels which will be used to reference the new category

Select an optional icon for the new category

Click the Save button to save the new category information (or click Cancel to undo any changes)

When a category has been created, you can add custom Properties and set Permissions on the new category

Use custom Properties to add fields to the record form for the selected category. The custom fields will be appended to the form in addition to the default fields

Use Permissions to set who which offices can Read (view) and Write (create) records in the selected category

NOTE: If creating a new Office category you will need to refresh Busibricks to reload the office type list so permissions on other category types can be assigned to it.

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