Create a Person

Use the following table to help you to complete the New Person form:

Field Description
Title Select the person's title from the drop-down list
First Name Enter the person's first name
Middle Name Enter the person's middle name
Last Name Enter the person's surname
Company Enter the person's company name
Job Title Enter the person's job title
Birthday Select the person's date of birth from the pop up calendar
Gender Select the person's gender
Personal Goals Enter details for any personal goals set for the new person
Performance Score Enter a performance score manually or use the arrows to set a score
Review Notes Enter review notes for this person
Community Involvement Enter details of any community involvement for the new person
Business History Enter details of the new person's business history
Advertising Spend Enter an advertising spend amount manually or use the arrows to set an amount
Additional Utility Enter an additional utility amount manually or use the arrows to set an amount

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