How do I view report data?

When you have run a report you can view the data in three different formats, data view, bar chart or line graph.

Complete the following steps to view the report data:

  1. Click on the report name in the list of existing reports. The data view is displayed by default.
  2. Use the functions across the top of the screen to select which data is displayed. See Run Reports for more details.
  3. Click on the Reports-BarGraphButton.png button to view the data in a bar chart.
  4. Click on the Reports-LineGraphButton.png button to view the data in a line graph. Only one KPI can be displayed at a time on a line graph. Select the Featured KPI from the drop-down list at the top of the screen. The line graph updates automatically.
  5. Click on the office or KPI buttons at the bottom of the chart to display or hide data for that element.
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