How do I process a Pending Invoice?

Complete the following steps to make payments on a pending invoice:

  1. Click on Pending Invoices. A list of invoices is displayed with status Pending.
  2. Click on external-link-square-with-an-arrow-in-right-diagonal_18x18__1_.png next to the invoice that you want to make payments on. The selected invoice's details are displayed.

    Complete the following steps if part payment is being made:

    - Enter the Amount Paid.
    - Select the Date Paid from the calendar pop-up.
    - Enter a Reference.
    - Click Pay. The invoice window closes and the record is updated with the amount paid.

    Complete the following steps if the invoice balance is being paid:

    - Click Settle. The Amount Paid is updated automatically with the outstanding invoice balance and the Date Paid is updated automatically with today's date.
    - Enter a Reference.
    - Click Pay. The invoice window closes, the record is updated and the invoice is moved to Paid Invoices.
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