How do I create a new purchase order?

Complete the following steps to create a new purchase order:

  1. Click New Purchase at the top of the screen. The New Purchase window is displayed.
  2. Complete the fields using the following table as a guide:

    Field Description
    From Select the customer from the drop-down list.
    Date Select the purchase order date from the calendar.
    Date Due Select the due date for the purchase order from the calendar.
    Reference Enter a unique reference for the purchase order.
    Address Select an associated address for the selected customer from the drop-down list.
    SKU Enter a SKU code for each item on the purchase order.
    Item Enter each item's name.
    Description Enter a description for the item.
    Qty Enter the quantity of each item being purchased or use the arrows to increase and decrease the quantity.
    Unit Price Enter the individual unit price.
    Tax Rate Select the associated tax rate from the drop-down list.

    The total amount for each item and the whole purchase order are calculated automatically.

    Note: The currency is controlled by the office's currency settings.

  3. Click Save to keep any changes (or click Cancel to undo any changes). The purchase order is moved to the Pending Purchases list.
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