How do I run a job?

When an app is running, it is referred to as a Job. Jobs are assigned to a user in your system and carried out in stages.

Running a job for the first time

Complete the following steps to run an app for the first time:

  1. Click on Start New. A drop-down list is displayed.
  2. Click on the type of job that you want to run. The Start new job window is displayed.
  3. Click on Select next to the person that you want to run the job. The job is displayed with a list of actions to complete.
  4. Click the App-Play_18x18.png button next to an action to run the action. The table below details what activity is required for each action: 

    Action Type Description
    Balance Sheet Complete the balance sheet displayed.
    CRM Record  
    Calculation Enter values into the formula displayed.
    Confirm Check the box to confirm if the labelled action has taken place.
    Contact Method Select the preferred contact method for the app.
    Date Select a date for the labelled action from the pop-up calendar.
    Decision Select Yes / No. You may be directed to a different part of the process.
    Email Enter the recipients' email address(es) in the To field. The email will be sent to these recipients.
    Grid Enter data into the table displayed.
    HTML Editor  
    Invoice Enter data into the invoice displayed.
    Notes Enter notes for the labelled action.
    Number Enter a numerical value for the labelled action.
    Numeric Select Select a number from the list.
    Radio Click on the relevant option displayed.
    Time Enter a time for the labelled action.
    Upload Select a file to upload.
    Upload Image Select an image to upload.
    Url Enter a website URL in the field provided.

  5. Click the App-Play_18x18.png button to skip an action. This is only available if the app design allows it.
  6. Click the App-Delegate_17x18.png button to delegate the action to another user. This is only available if you are a manager or delegator.
  7. Complete the remaining actions to finish the job. All progress is automatically saved so that a job can be resumed if you leave it part way through.

A job will stay open until all stages are completed.

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